A little bit about the site...

I have finally found time to revamp my website. Having gone through multiple career changes recently, I actually have set aside some time for development. Please keep in mind that this is a work in progress and that my ultimate goal is to capture the events and happenings throughout my life with my wonderful family and beautiful friends. I have family portals, entertainment portals but then I also have a work portal for personal use. Please excuse the work portal as it will be password protected eventually.

A bit about me

What can I say...I like screaming guitars, video games, sunny beaches, fun vacations, sports, movies, conversation, great food, and, of course, beer. Things I do not like: politics, religion, killing, animal cruelty, taxes, high gas prices, traffic, and the Florida Gators!

A bit about my life

I started my adulthood at UGA and majored in drinking 101. Since then I have learned my lessons from my youth. Responsibility takes a long time to acquire but once you have it in your grasp, life is so much fun. I have two kitties (speznaz and ptina). I have been married to a beautiful Brazilian woman (Marsia) since 2000. I am currently working for my brother and having
lots o fun.

Life in general

Life is a precious thing. I have seen too many people destroy it with drug use, violence, cruelty and just a total ignorance for what lays ahead of them. Take each day one at a time. I know that sounds like a theme from Alcoholics Anonymous but it is true. Don't rush things in life. It will all fall into place if you are patient. Remember, you are who you are so love thyself.