A little bit about this art

Whether you appreciate art or not, you absolutely must visit the first link to the left, my step uncle Jim Tucker's personal website. Also the second link is his art studio in Chattanooga. I encourage you to have a looksy there as well.

Art in many forms

Obviously art and expression comes in many different forms from painting to sketching to sculpture, written works i.e. poetry and novels, short stories and music. Music is included on the main entertainment page so I will be using this portal as the home for painting, sketching, sculpture, poetry, novels, short stories, and architecture.

Poetry by Tony Owens

Art by Tony Owens

Music by Tony Owens

My Music

I take pride in the music that I create. I have been playing guitar for about 33 years. I have not created an enormous amount of songs but I am very proud to offer what I have done. Keep in mind that I recorded these from my phone software. I will be adding more as I record them so check the music link on the entertainment portal for more uploads and all kinds of music from other musicians.

Mumbo Jumbo by Tony Owens

Train a comin' by Tony Owens

My Art

I will be randomly adding pieces that I have done in the past. The green woman I did when I was 15 years old. I will also be including much of the poetry that I have written but it will be included on its' own page.