Where would life be without them? The ability to take off a period of time and not have to worry about the hectic schedule of work and home life during the course of the year. A time to relax and unwind-yeah right. This all depends on what you do with your vacation time. Whenever it involves flying somewhere or driving long distances it always seems like work to me. My favorite vacations are to relax and unwind in my own home and not have to worry about the stress of travel. I do enjoy travel but must have a little time to recuperate from it when I get back home.


Here are some of our many travels within the US and abroad. Of course our two trips to Brazil to see Marsia's family, our trip to the Outer Banks to send Dad's remains out to sea, and many other adventures.

Future Travels

I am very excited to announce my third trip to Brazil here at the end of 2013. Additionally, our planned vacation next year will be a cruise to the Bahamas and some days in the Florida Keys-Yay! One of these years I would like to make it to Europe. Potentially a 2015 trip?

My Favorite Vacations

This is what I like to do the
most with my vacation time

How does he cut the grass?
A yard on Ocracoke Island

Here come the gulls...
So quit throwing so much bread...doh!